Competition Beef & Pork Rub, 170g

Our Competition Beef & Pork Rub is hand made in micro-batches with the highest quality ingredients and the utmost care.
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Competition Beef & Pork Rub

The original, Competition Beef & Pork rub. Bold and flavorful are the hallmarks of this All Natural signature rub.  Big flavors that marry perfectly with big, bold cuts of meat like ribeyes, porterhouses, strip loins, beef brisket, burgers, chops, duck, pulled pork and pork spareribs.  Perfectly balanced sweet/heat/savory/salty flavor profile with the bold aromas of chilies, cumin and celery in the front with the smoky sultry heat of chipotle peppers in the finish.  This is a serious competition-grade rub folks!

Ingredients:  Raw cane sugar, sea salt, chilies (incl. paprika, ancho, new mexico, & chipotle), onion, garlic, turmeric, celery seed, cumin and other spices.

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